Can’t get enough of BASIC




 // Funktionschnitt Flatter Tencel Longsleeve (shop here//

Hi readers! Its been awhile since my last post.

I have to be honest that finding time to blog besides my everyday activity and life is quite a challenge for me. But, here i am again. :)

Probably when you read Blogs around this time, they will mostly talk about finding the right coats or boots or maybe some ideas for christmas Presents.

What i want to share with you this time is this Basic Shirt from Funktionschnitt. Im so impressed how they put together as a Mission from choosing a  good quality of different Materials to their own functionality and as well as offering Variety of Cuts and Styles.

And im telling you…

It is not just a Basic shirt, it is a PERFECT Basic shirt that has it ALL for your daily basis.

I honestly won’t go buy any shirts and have thousands of them on my closet, I rather just have couples with good materials and I know it will last me months or even years.

And you know what, I just can get enough of Basics! Cause they just never get old! And im sure that most of us has at least one basic in our closet. right? ;)

So, if you’re looking for Basic for yourself or maybe for your grandpa :D (jokes) or even for christmas presents, I would suggest you to have a look on Funktionschnitt . Im sure that they have what you need it.

Happy exploring!

gladys x


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